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Available Pets at the Haven

We are all looking for a loving home!


More information about each dog and cat can be found by clicking the animal's name below.  

We strive to keep this area as up to date as possible, but we canít always get everyone posted.  

If you can't find someone you love on Petfinder, 

you can always come out to the Haven and look around in person.  

Once you're done at Petfinder, 

come back to the Haven web site and explore the other steps involved in adopting a Haven pet.


 Check out our  Petfinder scroller below:  


Virtual Adoption at the Haven
There are probably a lot of you out there wishing you could help, but know you can't adopt an animal right now. Not to worry, there is a program just for you at the Haven. We call it the Virtual Adoption Option. You simply pick out an animal or group of animals and spend some time helping them at the shelter. It costs you nothing but your time, and you can have some of the benefits of having a pet of your own. We appreciate it and so do the animals.
  • The adoption option allows you or your organization to adopt an animal of your choice while it lives at the shelter.
  • The idea is for you to spend some time with your adopted pet, be responsible for its needs, like grooming and socializing it, and even taking it out for day trips.
  • You receive unconditional love and gratitude, as well as helping your adopted pet with its socialization, preparing it for future adoption
  • While food and water are provided by the Haven, you are welcome to bring treats, toys, or anything you think the dog may enjoy!  Spoil them as if they were your own, just realize that they are still up for adoption even when you virtually adopt them.  If they get adopted, that's a good thing!  That means you can adopt another dog and help him or her to find a forever home!
Fostering for the Haven

Fostering is a great way to help if you are able. We like to have our babies that may need some extra work (being socialized, taught manners, etc) to be fostered over more adoptable animals that are already ready for a forever home. Just be aware that you may fall in love with your foster and decide you'd like to adopt them!

Haven Adoption Process

1. The initial step is to fill out an application for the animal that you are interested in.

2. Within a few days, the Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Wilbanks, will receive the application and you will be notified to come for an interview on a Saturday between 10am Ė 5pm.

3. After the interview with Dr. Wilbanks, you will receive a phone call from one of our qualified volunteers to set up a home visit.

4. After the home visit, you will be notified by office staff about whether your application has been approved. 

At times there are multiple applications for the same animal. A committee of Haven staff and volunteers will review the applications. We try our best to choose the most suitable home for that particular animal so that we have successful adoptions. Some of our animals have come from difficult backgrounds and require a specific type of environment. We appreciate your decision to adopt a shelter animal since there are so many, in our shelter and others, who need a forever home.

Haven Adoption Information

The Haven has many cats and dogs available for adoption to good homes.  We suggest that you look at our pets and spend some time with them.  When you find one that is right for you and your lifestyle, then fill out an application.  If the application is approved, the adoption fee is $100. Our adoption committee reviews new applications as soon as they can!

Your adoption fee includes:

  • A pet who has received appropriate veterinary care to the best of our ability and is spayed or neutered.  A spay/neuter certificate is included if the animal is not already fixed for any reason. 
  • A copy of the animal's current vaccination record.
  • Microchip
  • All the love that this animal is ready to give

We require an adoption contract, which is a legal document.  It requires sterilization of the animal, as mentioned above, and requires that the animal be returned to us if the adoption does not work out for any reason.

Applications can be downloaded below.  Please fill them out and mail them or bring them out to the Haven Facility.  Be sure to write the prospective pet's name on the application if you have a particular pet in mind when you come visit.

The next step is to come out to the Haven during our regular adoption hours or visit one of our adoption events.  Spend some time with the animal you are considering to be sure he or she is the right pet for you.  You'll want to look at the pet's temperament, activity level, grooming needs, and other attributes to make a good decision.  
 Download a dog application here.

Download a cat application here.