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Lost a Pet?...Found a Pet?


The Haven currently houses over 60 dogs and about 60 cats.  These numbers never seem to go down because as soon as one is adopted out another comes to the shelter.  Please help do your part.  Not all cats and dogs need to be saved.  Some are local roamers who get out of their yard for their daily stroll and then return later.  If you pick them up their owners may not know where to look for them.  Think before you save, but if the pet is obviously in a life threatening situation then help it, but know that shelters are not your first option but should be your last.  There are many things you can do to help an animal find its home or a new one.


Below are the steps we recommend if you find or lose a pet:


►Call and visit Lubbock Animal Services to register your lost or found pet - 775-2059.  You need to visit the pound (both the new one on South Loop 289 and the old shelter on Ash Ave.  every  day if you're looking for a lost pet.  They will NOT tell you over the phone if your dog is at the pound...you MUST physically go there and look for your pet!


►If you have found a pet, check for tags or microchip Animal Services should be able to help with this.  Also, any vet clinic in town should be able to scan for a microchip.  Scanning for a microchip is 100% free as a service to the community.  We can also scan for a microchip, but often it is easier/quicker due to distance if you run by your nearest vet clinic or the pound.


►Place an ad in the Lost and Found section of the Lubbock Avalanche Journal

762-3333.  You can run free lost and found ads!


►Place an ad in the Thrifty Nickel -793-9990.  Usually costs around $10.00.


►Post a card on the bulletin board at Petsmart.


►Put up flyers in area where pet was lost or found.  Use pictures if you have them and make your words large and dark so people can read them from their cars.


►Notify area veterinarian offices.


►Email us a description of the pet you have lost or found, including date and area of town lost.  If we feel we have a lost/found match, we will put the parties in contact with each other.  (havenACSLostandFound@gmail.com)  Please put Lost/Found in subject line of email.


►If you are on Facebook, you can find the group "Lost and Found Pets Of Lubbock Texas" and post on their wall.  We do the same if you email your pet's info and picture to us, but it can't hurt for you to post it as well!  Because of the amound of "shares" each of those posts receives, the page has had great luck in matching lost pets with their owners.
Post Lost and Found ad on the following websites: (for Craigslist, post BOTH under "Pets" and "Lost and Found".)






   If you have found a pet, you DO NOT have to take it to the pound or a shelter.  If you can house the animal while you search for the owners, please try to do so.