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Ways To Help The Haven


 The Haven houses around 100 animals at any given time.  

We always need a lot of help from our friends in the community and region. 


We thank those of you who have been there for us over the years, 

and we invite other new Haven friends to join us in helping the animals.


If you wish to volunteer your time at the Haven, 

click Volunteering at the Haven 

to find out about pledging your energies and talents to help the animals.

Thank You Joyland

We want to thank the staff at Joyland for hosting us and for their generous donation.

Thank You Raising Canes 

We would like to thank Raising Cane's for the wonderful donations to our shelter.  
We thank them for their continued efforts to help us in our work 
of saving the lives of helpless, abandoned, and forgotten animals!

-Dr. Brenda Wilbanks

Financial Gifts
If you would like to make a donation to the Haven, you may send money to the following address:
4501 N FM 1729
Lubbock, TX 79403
Please make all checks payable to: Haven Animal Care Shelter
To Donate to the Haven with a Credit Card through PayPal Click Below:
You do not need an account with PayPal to donate to the Haven. 
All you need is a valid credit card. We accept all major credit cards.
If you would like to make a donation 
as a memorial to a person or beloved pet or as a gift (holidays, birthdays, etc), 
please send the following information to the above address:

Your name
Name of person/pet memorial is for
Contact information for you
Contact information for person you are making the donation for (if donation is for a gift)
This enables us to send a thank-you note to you 
and to notify the recipient that a donation has been made in their name.


A bequest in your will or living trust is a wonderful way to leave your legacy of compassion and support for homeless, abused, and neglected animals. A bequest can be a specific sum, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate after expenses and gifts to loved ones. Bequests can include cash, securities, real estate, houses, and personal property. Any charitable bequest is deductible as an estate tax charitable contribution which may reduce your estate taxes.

If you decide to include The Haven when writing or revising your will, we would be honored to work with you in designing a planned gift. Approved gifts of real estate and other life income sources are accepted. To ensure your gift is received by the shelter, we suggest the following language: 

I give and bequeath to The Haven Animal Care Shelter, an organization located in Lubbock, Texas, 

Federal Tax Identification Number: 75-2324601

the sum of $_____________(or Percentage) [or property described herein].

United Supermarkets and Pedigree

The Haven would like to thank United Supermarkets and Pedigree for their partnership 

which brought about their recent donation to the Haven.  

This partnership involves a donation to a local shelter for every display 

of Pedigree Brand food purchased by United.  

We will use this donation to continue to help homeless pets find their forever homes, 

and to provide a safe environmenfor those who continue to wait for a loving family.  

Again, we appreciate both Pedigree and United Supermarkets for this generous donation and 

for supporting our efforts to better the lives of animals that cannot speak for themselves.
All donations are tax-deductible!

Birthdays at the Haven

Birthday Parties and Volunteer Work

Saturday, February 22, 2015 was a busy and productive day at the Haven! 
T.J. and his group came out to complete his Eagle Scout project 
and did great work on rebuilding a porch and building benches for us!

Also, on Saturday, Our birthday girl, Emily, had her birthday at the Haven 
this past Saturday and her friends brought great gifts for our animals! 
We are very appreciative of our young people who think of the animals on their own birthday! 
Pictured below is Emily and her friends playing with our three dogs, 
Little Man, Smokey Joe, and Red! 
The next picture is Dr. Brenda Wilbanks handing Emily a signed birthday certificate!

On August 24th, the Haven held a birthday party for Kelbie who turned 12! She asked her friends to bring donations for the Haven instead of receiving gifts for herself! Kelbie and her mother volunteer every week at the Haven and we appreciate everything they do for us! Happy Birthday Kelbie! Pictured below is Dr. Wilbanks, Kelbie, and the Haven Staff and Volunteers, Dakota, Hana, and Jared, and Little man the Chihuahua! Also the next picture shows Kelbie's birthday party outside our main office building, also known as the Pet Therapy Building!

Miranda also had a birthday on August 24th! 
She asked her friends to donate to the Haven instead of receiving gifts of her own! 
Pictured below is Miranda with Little Man, Dr. Wilbanks and Haven worker, Carley! 
Happy Birthday Miranda!

Haven Fundraising

Haven Calendars 

The 2016 Haven calendars are in and they are absolutely adorable,featuring our very own Haven residents! 

They make perfect stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts for your loved ones!

They are $10.00/each and all proceeds benefit Haven animals to ensure that they have a wonderful Christmas as well. 

You can purchase a calendar through Paypal, come out to the Haven, or we can mail you one. 

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to purchase!

 Haven T-Shirts
The Haven Animal Care Shelter has T-Shirts available for purchase in sizes S-XL.  
Profits from T-Shirt sales go directly to help pay for our medical expenses for the Haven animals.
*T-shirts from the 2014 Strut are still available at the Haven.  They are $10 each. 


John Whitney Memorial

The Haven recently received a generous donation at the bequest of Mr. John Whitney, who passed away in March of 2011. He will forever be remembered at the Haven for his generosity and concern for animals. The Haven would like to express our sincere thanks to John Whitney and his family for this generous donation. You all will forever be remembered in the work that we continue to do and in the animals lives that we continue to save. 

It is with much sadness that the Haven reports the loss of a very good friend. Larry Ehresman passed away this week and the animal world will never be the same.  Larry lived at the Haven for several years and devoted his life to speaking for animals that could not speak for themselves.  He loved and took care of our many animals as if each one of them were his very own.  He and his wife, Brenda Stone, were the first couple married at the Haven. Brenda was a volunteer at the Haven where she and Larry met.  They eventually moved to Lubbock and continued their efforts of rescuing animals.  Larry will be greatly missed by his friends here at the Haven, especially our animals.  We thank him for his efforts and will remember him always.

Dr. Brenda Wilbanks and Haven Staff