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Haven Happenings
"Haven Happenings" is our newsletter for the Haven.  We generally publish a quarterly newsletter.  In the past, we have mailed printed copies to our mailing list of over 1500 names.  As you can imagine, that incurs a significant cost in both printing and mailing!  We are trying to move into the digital age so that we can save money on printing and apply that money to more important things (like caring for our animals at the Haven)! 
Now,  we can get our newsletter out to more people!  If you would like to receive an emailed copy of the Haven Happenings,  we are asking that you send us your email address.  To do this, you can call 763-0092 and leave your email on our messages or you can send us an email with your address at havenacs@gmail.com.   If you would rather just visit the website to read it, that's perfectly fine! 
Beginning with the Summer 2009 issue, you can come here anytime and click on the pdf link below to read the most current newsletter.  Feel free to print out a copy and give to anyone that you think may enjoy reading it!
Haven Happenings Summer 2013

Haven Happenings Winter 2010 
Haven Happenings Winter 2009
Haven Happenings Summer 2009