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Haven Rescues

100 Mile Puppies

They came 100 miles just to see us, and we couldn't say no to those sweet faces. 

Tent City Kittens 

(Gray one was too shy for a picture)

They were raised by Tent City residents until they were 6 weeks old. 

The man that primarily raised them kept them in his tent, 

keeping them warm with hand warmers and warm water bottles to keep sheltered from the cold weather. 

Today, they were playing in the Tent City garden, just as happy and healthy as can be! 

He did a pretty amazing job, and the kittens are just gorgeous! 

There are two black ones, one gray, and one Siamese mix. Two of them have already found their forever homes! 


Gizzy was found by members of Tent City and they knew immediately she was hurt somehow. To this day we are not sure if someone intentionally hurt her, if she was run over or if something fell on her, but once we got her to the vet we were informed that sweet little Gizzy had a broken pelvis. She was brought out to the Haven to recover with two weeks of cage rest and then immediately spayed as we were told that having kittens could possibly kill her. As beautiful as she is it wasn't long before Gizzy was adopted and is now safe and happy in her forever home.


Cassie came to the Haven with a broken foot and will have to wear her splint for an extended period of time. 
She lived in the Haven Hospital while she was at the Haven and seems happy and grateful that she has found a forever home!

Rescued from the Cold!

Suzy was found chained in an alleyway with her 8 very young puppies and no food or water.
Luckily, the Haven Animal Care Shelter was able to rescue her.  

She and all of her puppies have found homes!