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Haven Happy Tails

Major has found his forever home with Christine Baird Carter and her husband. 

Christine wrote the following:

Little Major is officially a part of the family. He may have had a rough start in life. He is blind and he arrived at the Haven after being attacked by a large dog. Dr. Wilbanks paid for his vet expenses for his then owner but they decided they didn't want him anymore. It worked out ok for him. He no longer has an "owner". He has a family who loves him and we have a wonderful, loving little guy.

We, along with our animals, are so blessed by Christine and her love for animals. We know Major will only have the best that life now has to offer!


I adopted her from the Haven 12 years ago.  At the time she was 6 weeks old, having been dumped with her 4 siblings in a box in the bar ditch near the Haven.  She has been "the mother" to the 3 later adoptees...AWESOME GIRL! Along the way, she has had 2 surgeries to remove cysts from her spine (all is well).  The vet just does not believe Krisie is 12 years old.

Thank you Haven for my sweet girl,


I adopted Scarlet a week ago yesterday (4/18/15) and it was a rough start. She's a stout gal, but managed to hide in the smallest of places. I was beginning to think she would never come around and wondered if I had done her a disservice adopting her. Your shelter has been her home for the 8 or 9 years of her life. I was warned at adoption that she had not taken to people during her stay. And then, slowly, she came out. She loves on Simon more than he's yet comfortable with (my eleven year old kitty), and is constantly forcing her affection and cuddles on him— but there has been zero hissing or weird cat noises—even during her first several days of seclusion. She is still a little perplexed by playing, and watches Simon in bewilderment when he gets his furry butt worked up over a feather stick.But she is wonderful. Her name is Nora now. Simon kept coming to me exasperated whenever I'd call for "Scarlet," so we ditched the S-name. (I even looked it up, and cats aren't prone to psychological damage/identity crises over a name change.)

Anyway, Nora is wonderful and has been coming out of her shell. She has embraced the life of having a home, and I finally got the cat selfie I'd been craving since bringing her in.



Dear Drs. and Staff of the Haven,

I "adopted" Ruthie last August by way of winning her at the Lubbock's Lion Club auction. 
Ruthie has brought my whole family such happiness and joy daily. She is very healthy. 
When I got her she weighed about 2 lbs and now she is about 7-8 lbs. 
She has gotten her shots and her spaying. 
I wanted to send you some pictures so you can see how cute and adorable she is. I love her dearly.

Amanda Stanton