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Haven Volunteer Groups

Haven Helpers

Is there anything more handsome than hard-working men volunteering for an animal shelter?

Thank You!

A big thank you to the group from First Christian!!! 

You all helped us a lot, and we welcome you back anytime!!

A Sweet Sweep

The Haven would like to thank Vicki, Alicia, and Zach from Project Sweep! 

It was a blessing and a joy to have you all the last 5 weeks! 

We will miss you!!!

Atkins Middle School's CIS Helping Hands

The Atkins Middle School's CIS Helping Hands group volunteered this past Saturday! They did such a wonderful job helping out the shelter! They helped clean and groom our animals! We appreciate everything they did for us!

Heritage Middle School NJHS

We also had the Heritage Middle School's NJHS team volunteer this past Saturday, too! These wonderful group of kids helped clean out shelter and give our animals the attention they deserve! We love our future representatives of Lubbock giving back to the community!

Nightmare on 19th Volunteer Group

A group from Nightmare on 19th came and did a fantastic job at the haven! They painted shelves, fixed and painted a porch, fixed pens, and made a pen for a litter of puppies. During their hard work, they also had time to give our dogs some great attention! We are so thankful for our volunteer groups!

Laura Bush Middle School NJHS

Thank you to the Laura Bush Middle School National Junior Honor Society! They volunteered April 12th, with 25 volunteers! They all did a wonderful job cleaning, organizing, and giving our animals the attention they deserve!

All About Tommie!

Thanks to our wonderful Tommie Mcnabb for helping with our two Basset Hounds, Trinity and Sunshine, and taking them to their vet appointments. Tommie also gives them special attention at the shelter by walking them and giving them treats! We are so grateful she has been here to help us with these wonderful girls and we are sure the Bassets are thankful too!

On Saturday, March 8, Raising Canes came out to volunteer! They recently made a generous donation

to the Haven! They decided to come out and help us! They did such a wonderful job!

On Saturday, March 8, the Texas Tech Women Engineering Club and Delta Sigma Pi came out to

volunteer at the Haven! We appreciate all of the hard work they did to help our shelter!

The Haven would like to thank the First Year Experience class at Texas Tech for Honors College Freshman, lead by Brieann McDaniel, for volunteering at the Haven Animal Care Shelter on Saturday, September 28th. This group helped pull many weeds, cleaned many of our barns, and gave all of our animals the attention the deserve! Thank you so much for everyone who helped out!

National Junior Honor Society of Heritage Middle School 

 Atkins Student Council 

 Alpha Kappa Psi group

South Plains College

 Tech Women's Lacrosse Team

Thank you to the wonderful Waters Elementary children who brought donations to our Haven animals and interacted with them Saturday, February 4, 2012.  Thank you also to the teachers and parents who accompanied them.  We appreciate your kindness in getting so many needed items for our animals! See other pictures under Pet Therapy!
"Water's Elementary students and staff made another large donation in supplies, gift cards, and money to the Haven animals. 
More information is coming soon about improvements made with their donations."
The Haven would like to thank Impact Tech
for volunteering on February 25, 2012 and doing a fantastic job at the shelter!

Alpha Phi Omega
February 11, 2012
 Tech's Society of Petroleum Engineers
January 28, 2012 
Indiana Avenue Baptist Student Ministry